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Let’s produce an ideal IT strategy for government!

This site distils key areas and recommendations from the collaborative, crowd-sourced ideal government IT strategy developed on this wiki.

The version presented here is edited into its current form by William Heath, Jerry Fishenden and David Evans. We hope we’ve caught the key topics and key issues that an ideal government IT strategy would address.

We’re about to begin communicating and discussing this with all three main political parties. But we don’t want to miss a trick, misrepresent or misunderstand anything that  contributed to the wiki or the associated round-table discussions.

Of course, we’ve had some painful choices around what to drop and what to keep – and have decided to focus on specific, practical steps to take rather than repeating the whole back-story of issues better narrated in the wiki itself.

So – please comment on this. Let’s sharpen it up. It’s a great opportunity to be heard – and to have powerful, evidence-based and innovative ideas put into action that will, we hope, enable us to move the UK towards a much more coherent and strategic approach to technology policy, IT and its role in improving our public services.